Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Bo-B-Qis on 739 Knox Abbott Drive in Cayce/West Columbia, South Carolina. They are unique in that they have all four BBQ sauces known to South Carolinians. Their dining area is limited to the front half of this facility seen in the photograph. I've been told that the first Po Pigs Bo-B-Q is on Edisto Island, South Carolina. (803)-791-5374. Take out, buffet, and made to order plates.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Maurice's BBQ.....

I don't usually frequent Maurice's BBQ although it is good. I got a Little Pig's dinner and it was plenty of lunch and money. I did get a menu. The BBQ was good as were the hash & rice, and cole slaw. The hush puppies were burnt. My two co-workers wanted cheeseburgers. One was medium and the other came to the table nearly rare. It had to be sent back. I suppose that's what you get for ordering a cheeseburger in a BBQ place.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Porky D's Bar-B-Que.....

Old Porky D's BBQPorky D's has been open for many years at the intersection of Old Two Notch Road and Emmanuel Church Road in between Lexington and West Columbia, SC. The old site didn't have run for seating customers and was strictly care out. You also had to make sure you went early enough on a Saturday afternoon or they might run out of BBQ. :-( Porky D's has great ribs, chicken, and BBQ in a mustard vinegar sauce. Their hash is one of my favorites. :-)

New Porky D's BBQWhen I recently took this pic of Porky D's new home it wasn't quite ready for operation (end of January). It has since opened. I haven't been to the new place yet, but I've been told by all my sources that the BBQ is still wonderful. And they picked Homey up a MENU. The new restaurant has plenty of seating and is located just west of the old site on Old Two Notch Road (just off Highway #6 to the east). Mmmmmmmmmm BBQ!