Sunday, February 05, 2006

Little Pigs Barbeque.....

Little Pigs Barbeque is on Alpine Road in Northeast Columbia just south of Interstate 20 and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Twin Towers. They are on the Percival Road end of Alpine Road instead of the Two Notch Road side.

Little Pigs has been in business at the same location for over 25 years. They have an above average buffet with mustard vinegar based BBQ. I really enjoy Little Pigs BBQ/Hash and their casual country ambience. LOL. Sounds funny to hear ambience and BBQ in the same sentence. Their business has increased over the years. I'm going back.


Blogger Orange Jay said...

Here is the model for all BBQ restaurants: buffet, large seating area, delicious Q, clean and bright and easy to find. Little Pigs is my favorite of all the Columbia area BBQ places. Their main item is the vinegar and pepper because the recipe is authentic Pee Dee (Hemingway). They also have added mustard base and some type of ketchup thingy (my religion will not allow me to eat any BBQ but vinegar and mustard based, so I haven't tasted it). The ribs here are superior to any I've ever tried, save Sweatman's in Holly Hill. They literally fall off the bone. The rest of the fixin's are very good if you want to take someone with you who doesn't like BBQ. They have a separate dessert bar and a serve yourself beverage area. The meat is very lean with very little grease. A+ rating on meat and hash.

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